What makes Croydon special is our people – both within the council and throughout the borough. Our diverse population makes Croydon a thriving cultural hub, it also makes it a truly unique environment in which to work and practice social work.

The complex demands of a population that includes more than 94,000 children brings significant challenges but significant opportunities too. You’ll have every opportunity to hone your skills in a fast-moving environment, and really make a difference to children’s lives.
When you join us you’ll find a friendly and collaborative environment. Ask any of your new colleagues and they’ll tell you about the great working relationships they’ve developed and the support they receive from their peers and managers. Our offices are always buzzing – a hive of activity, where information, experience and expertise is shared across the service. The majority of our children’s social care staff are based on the same floor in a modern, open plan building in the heart of Croydon, so collaboration across teams and services is easy and frequent.

Now more than ever our staff are pulling together in a shared determination to provide the best possible services to the children of Croydon following our disappointing Ofsted rating in July 2017. We have begun to make progress on our improvement journey. Central to this progress has been the passion and commitment of our social care staff to getting the best outcomes for Croydon’s children and families. Our improvements have been underpinned by over £10 million in additional resources from the council to ensure social workers and their managers have the conditions in which social work can flourish.

Although we know there is still a lot to be done to get to where we want to be, at our last monitoring visit Ofsted acknowledged that Croydon’s senior leaders have a sound understanding of what needs to change and are focused on the priorities. We are supported by our unique intensive peer support partnership with Camden Council. When you join us expect your experience to be shaped by working with and learning from peers in a high performing social care and early help team – and you should be ready to help them to develop further, too.

We have some challenges ahead but have started on our improvement journey and have no doubt that we will succeed for Croydon’s children and young people. In order to do so, we need the right people, who are prepared to do what it takes to get the best outcomes for our children and young people. Could this be you?