Our vision

We expect children and families in Croydon to receive outstanding services from our Nana Bonsu - Systemic Practice Service Leadsocial work staff and practitioners. We are committed to achieving an ‘outstanding’ rating from Ofsted in 2021.

We want our staff to have high expectations and high challenge of their practice and each other. We know that families are complex and as such we need to be able to be responsive to their needs, in a manner that honours multiple perspectives and curiosity.

Our values that guide our practice has a strong emphasis on health, education and social development. We will privilege relationships, as a means in which change can take place. We want to hear what children and families say about the help they need and let this be a driving force for how we practice. We want to understand children and families in their contextual relationships; understanding that these contexts are reciprocal in influencing their identity, actions and values. We believe amplifying strengths and not having a ‘single story’ about families that is pathologising.

Our social workers and practitioners should be confident in their practice and supported to manage the emotional demands of their role. We want to apply complex thinking in simple ways.

We contend that having a practice framework will enable a shared language, orientation and value base from which to work creatively with children and families. All children and families in Croydon deserve an outstanding level of practice, no matter where they are located within our service.

Nana Bonsu
Systemic Practice Service Lead

Our practice framework

Our practice frameworkView our practice framework brochure

Our principles – The values that guide us

Our principles - The values that guide us

Our destination 2019-2021

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