Our pledge is that the children and young people in Croydon will be safe, healthy, happy and will aspire to be the best they can be. The future is theirs.

We have already put a proactive improvement plan in place and have invested in additional social workers and administrative support. A huge part of how the service will improve and moving forward will be based on the experiences of our children and social workers. We have taken significant steps to ensure that their voices can be heard and become the driving force of our improvement journey.

Our social workers are getting involved in shaping the plan through the staff reference group, Children’s Practice Development Group, ASYE forum, as well as lunchtime discussion sessions. Our improvement plan focuses on the four priority areas to the right.

Our improvement board will oversee the implementation of the plan and provide us with challenge and support. The Council and our elected members are fully committed to work with children’s social care services to ensure we succeed in our ambitions to provide the best services to our children and families.

People and performance

Leadership, workforce, quality assurance performance and management oversight.



Good quality assessment, plans and interventions.



Early help, Croydon Safeguarding Children Board.



Our systems and support processes which enable high quality social work.